Yuki Yamada and Nanase Nishino are Reportedly Dating

Actress & Former Nogizaka46 member Nanase Nishino (29) and Yuki Yamada (32) have been reported to be in a serious relationship. The couple met two years ago, but only started dating in the beginning of 2023. According to a TV station official, Nanase initially thought Yuki was younger than her because he had the image of a bright young actor. One night in early May, Nanase got into an office car after finishing work for an event and went straight to Yuki’s apartment.


“It was only after the beginning of this year that they started dating. The two are currently cohabiting at Yuki’s house.” says a source from the entertainment industry. 


The timeline of their relationships continued in 2021 when Nanase and Yuki were both filming for the drama “Hakozume: Tatakau! Koban Joshi.” During filming the distance between the two became even closer, but at that point they didn’t even know each other’s contact information.


“Even after that, they didn’t go beyond the realm of coworkers for a while. They became friends because of a shared hobby of online games. Both Nanase and Yuki are hardcore gamers, and they played co-op mode at their homes.” says another entertainment official. 


Allegedly Yuki knew that they shared common hobbies and asked for contact information from a mutual acquaintance. It is said that then he began to keep in touch and meet up with Nanase more in person. On May 25th of this year, Nanase celebrated her 29th birthday and three days before that, Yuki, who had returned home from a filming location, was carrying a bag that looked like a present and a large bag from a high-end pastry shop.It was speculated that the two finished work early and celebrated with a cake since on the day of Nanase’s birthday both of them had work. 


When asked about the relationship between the two, the respective agencies both simply replied, “We leave the private matters up to them.”



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