Nakajima Kento Apologizes for Postponement

On the 15th, Sexy Zone member Nakajima Kento updated his Instagram story, apologizing for a sudden postponement in a planned appearance on TBS variety show A-Studio+.

Using a beautiful selfie as the background image, Nakajima thanked fans for their support and apologized for causing them concern, saying that he would continue to do what he can in the hopes that it might be able to be a source of strength for someone, and wished that all his fans would have a great day.

There had been rumors that the sudden cancellation was over the fact that Kao Corporation was an advertising partner for the program and that the corporation had asked to cancel his appearance due to the current scandal. However, the broadcast studio clarified, stating that while they do not respond to requests for comment regarding their programs, this was not a cancellation of Nakajima’s guest appearance but rather a delay. The producers also refused to comment on Fujigaya Taisuke, a fellow Johnny’s member and one of the members of Kis-My-Ft2, who is one of the main casters for A-Studio+.

Kao Corporation also responded on the postponement:

TBS has contacted us to ask for our opinion on Nakajima’s guest appearance through our advertising agency. While we are one of the main sponsors for the program, we refrain from making requests regarding guests or content, and do not involve ourselves in the decision making process at all.

Source: Nikkan Sports


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