Nakai Masahiro Showing Johnny Kitagawa's Ashes

Nakai Masahiro Announces His Fourth Break From Activities

Nakai Masahiro, most famous for both his activities in boy group SMAP and being a beloved MC for many a television program, announced that he would take a 1 month break from activities citing health issues.

Most known for being a talented MC for many a TV program, Nakai was once known for working tirelessly in the past on multiple broadcasts at the same time. However this year his health issues seem to have come to a head starting from July of this year when he was hospitalized for acute appendicitis.

Fans had hoped for a quick recovery but ever since he has repeatedly been seen going in and out of treatment, sometimes even missing programs – something the veteran talent has never been known to do. In fact, this one month leave of absence would be the first time he would be taking an extended break since debuting with his former agency Johnny’s in the late 1980s.

He stated that his break would last through the entire month of December. Hopefully he will return fully recovered.

Source: Yahoo JP


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