MOS Burger Apologizes For Confusion; Announces Termination of Johnny’s Contract

As the fallout from the Johnny’s press conference continues, various advertisers have differed in their treatment of their existing contracts with the talents represented by the agency.

One such company was MOS Burger. Just last week they announced the launch of a new campaign featuring two members of Snow Man, to which many Johnny’s fans responded positively, though other members of the public less so. However, today some people were shocked by what they saw when they went to MOS Burger.

Despite not mentioning anything prior, on September 13th MOS Burger had apparently stopped the use of all Johnny’s talents within their restaurants. Due to the fact that there was no guidance on how to proceed with posters that were already up with the talents’ faces on them, some stores used official company stickers and signage to hide the talents.

MOS Burger apologized for this lack of guidance. Japanese corporate policy is typically exactingly strict with clear written instructions about all matters, so the fact that there was no guidance on what to do with the posters is interesting and unusual practice for a Japanese company.

There has been no public announcement, but modelpress and other companies are reporting that MOS Burger has announced that they will no longer be working with Johnny’s as of today.


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