LDH To Debut 3 New Boy Groups In August

LDH Japan has revealed that the 3 groups formed from the audition program “iCON Z ~Dreams For Children~”: KID PHENOMENON, THE JET BOY BANGERZ, WOLF HOWL HARMONY will all be making their major debut on August 23rd. They will be following 6 member group LIL LEAGUE who won first place during the program in May last year, and made their major debut in January of this year with “Hunter.” “iCON Z ~Dreams For Children~”, began in 2021, and received a record number of 48,000 applications. In Chapter 1 of the boys version, the 6 members of LIL LEAGUE were selected to make their major debut leaving the hopefuls who were not chosen to go on and compete in Chapter 2. Chapter 2 consisted of 22 contestants that ranged from new applicants to members of LDH’s vocal group DEEP SQUAD and dance league D.LEAGUE. Among these finalists, three groups KID PHENOMENON, THE JET BOY BANGERZ and WOLF HOWL HARMONY were ultimately formed. 


KID PHENOMENON, a 7 member dance and vocal group consisting of members with an average age of 16 will be signed to Sony Music. The meaning behind the group name is that they will create a new phenomenon in the music world. The members are Kensuke Sorematsu (19), Tsubasa Endo (18), Kohaku Okao (17), Shunnosuke Sato (16), Soma Kawaguchi (16), Kota Yamamoto (16), and Rui Suzuki (15). 


THE JET BOY BANGERZ, a 10 member dance and vocal group with a name that has the meaning of individually unique members who come together as one group and create a powerful dynamic like a jet engine. They too will also be signed under Sony Music. The group consists of iCON Z contestants Mark Aeron (23), Kota Ishikawa (21), Aoi Nakamura (17), Shigetora Sato (17), Yuhi Uhara (22) from LDH’s vocal group DEEP SQUAD, Shou Tanaka (26), Takumi Kuwabara (22), Konosuke Ito (23), Taki Kojima (19), and Hinata Sato (18) from dance crew “D.LEAGUE” 


WOLF HOWL HARMONY, a 4 member group with an average age of 24.8 that specializes in vocals will be the only group under Avex’s Rhythm Zone. The members include iCON Z contestants Guillherme Masayuki Tomazi Nishimura (25), Hiroto Kutsuno (21), Ryoji Sugiyama (26), and Suzuki Higa (27) who are a part of LDH’s vocal group DEEP SQUAD.





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