Ken Miyake to Release New Album “THE iDOL”

On June 5, Ken Miyake will release his new album, “THE iDOL.” This album sees Ken collaborating with a number of up and coming artists that he personally approached, including SIRUP, WurtS, MADLEMON, and Kumaki Yukimaru of Lucky Kilimanjaro.

In conjunction with the album’s release, Ken has released the music video for one the WurtS collaborations, “Haunted.” Ken reached out to him when he heard that he was interested in producing an idol. In addition to writing and composing the song, WurtS also directed its music video. Of the experience, Ken said that he was glad that he entrusted everything to WurtS.

Check out the video below, along with more information on Ken’s new album!

Limited Edition A

三宅健「THE iDOL」初回生産限定盤Aジャケット

Limited Edition B

三宅健「THE iDOL」初回生産限定盤Bジャケット

Regular Edition

三宅健「THE iDOL」通常盤ジャケット

1. ホーンテッド (Haunted)
2. Ready To Dance
3. 100CANDLE
6. ジェットコースター (Jet Coaster)
7. Iʼm good
8. circus
9. mydoll
10. Unzari
11. ドラマチック (Dramatic)
12. BOY
13. Love Bottle (Regular Edition Bonus Track)
14. 星に願いを (Hoshi ni Negai wo) (Regular Edition Bonus Track)


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