Kageyama Yuka of Hinatazaka46 Goes Trending as Her Prediction for Japan Almost Turns Into Reality

Kageyama Yuka of Hinatazaka46 is known both for her intelligence and soccer knowledge, but on December 5th she went viral as one of her main predictions for the 2022 World Cup turned almost into reality, despite being made prior to the start of the match.

On the ABEMA special program FIFA WORLD CUP 64Kageyama predicted that both Croatia and Japan would tie 1 to 1 with a Japan win on the penalty kick round. Of the 4 matches she has predicted overall for the program, two were entirely accurate, and one (today’s match) was only off because she had guessed that Japan, not Croatia, would win at the penalty kick stage. For today’s match, she was also even able to accurately predict all 10 starting members.


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