Kaela Kimura to Release First Album in Over 3 Years

On December 14, Kaela Kimura will release her new album, “MAGNETIC.” This is her first album since June 2019’s “Ichigo.” As hinted by the title, this theme of this album is “attracting people.”

“MAGNETIC” sees Kaela working with a number of different artists, in different capacities. AI co-wrote the album’s title track with Kaela and is featured on it. The song was composed by Clammbon‘s Mito. The song “Tawai mo nai” was provided by iri. Open Reel Ensemble produced the songs “Wareware?” and “S↔︎N.”

Check out more information this release below!

Limited Edition



Regular Edition



1. ワレワレワ? (Wareware?)
2. MAGNETIC feat. AI
3. 井の頭DAYS feat. SANABAGUN. (Inokashira DAYS feat. SANABAGUN.)
4. ノイズキャンセリング (Noise Canceling)
5. ありえないかも (Arienai Kamo)
6. たわいもない (Tawai mo nai)
8. カスタネット (Castanets)
9. Color Me feat. マヒトゥ・ザ・ピーポー (Color Me feat. MahiTo The People)
10. S↔︎N

Limited Edition Blu-ray

・KAELA presents “KAELAB” Billboard Live 2022
1. so i
2. You bet!!
3. Ground Control
4. リルラ リルハ (Rirura Riruha)
5. season
6. チョコレート (Chocolate)
7. Butterfly
8. WONDER Volt
9. ZIG ZAG feat. BIM
10. BEAT
11. Yellow
12. Magic Music
13. Whatever are you looking for?

・KAELA presents Zepp Tour 2022 CONTRAST
1. ノイズキャンセリング (Noise Canceling)
2. Color Me



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