Josei Jishin Alleges Identity of Yuzuru Hanyu’s Wife

In a shocking piece on the 19th, a local newspaper from the Chugoku region of Japan alleged in a piece behind a paywall that retired figure skater Hanyu Yuzuru‘s wife, simply named A for the piece, is a retired professional violinist who is 8 years older than the athlete.

After his high school relationship was leaked to the press through a photo in 2016, the 28 year old professional athlete has been understandably extremely quiet about his personal life. That came to an end this past August, when he suddenly announced that he was married. However, unlike other marriage announcements, Hanyu has been extremely tight-lipped about who the identity of his wife was, offering absolutely no details in either his official announcement or follow up notifications.

For a piece published on the 16th in Shukan Josei PRIME, the mother of A refrained from commenting, simply stating that she wished she could talk about the situation and only confirming that A had gotten married, but remaining silent on who the identity of A’s husband was. On the 19th, a local newspaper from A’s hometown revealed the fact that A had married the retired athlete, and that A was also the daughter of a now deceased major construction company president. Other details are not available at the moment.

There has been no confirmation of this story, and at the moment of this publishing this remains as gossip.

Source: Josei Jishin


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