Japanese VTubers Set To Join “hololive English 1st Concert -Connect the World-” In Los Angeles

Industry-leading Virtual YouTuber agency hololive production announced this Thursday that three of the most popular Japanese VTubers in the world today will appear as guests at this summer’s “hololive English 1st Concert -Connect the World-” event in Los Angeles on July 2. Joining VTubers from hololive English and hololive Indonesia, the trio’s presence emphasizes just how far-reaching the global VTuber community has become.

Tokino Sora, Hoshimachi Suisei, and Houshou Marine will join hololive English talent such as Mori Calliope, Gawr Gura, Hakos Baelz and more at LA’s YouTube Theater for the first-ever hololive show in North America. The three Japanese names are among the most popular VTubers today, each boasting over one million subscribers on YouTube while also branching out into music and other media.

VTuber fans around the world can now watch and take part in this historic hololive show, and from today fans all over the world can join in by buying their tickets to the live stream! Make sure to get your tickets now!

Link for tickets here


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