Japan Weekend Box Office 1/20-1/22 THE FIRST SLAM DUNK Claims No. 1 Spot For 8th Consecutive Weeks


The latest weekend box office ranking top 10 (January 20th to 22nd) has the animated movie “THE FIRST SLAM DUNK” written and directed by Takehiko Inoue on top again with 275,000 tickets sold and a box office revenue of 412 million yen. THE FIRST SLAM DUNK has ranked first for 8 consecutive weeks. In the 51 days since its release, the cumulative number of goers has exceeded 6.1 million people and the box office revenue has exceeded 8.9 billion yen.


2nd place was unchanged from the previous week with “Suzume no Tojirimari”, which attracted 163,000 people and raised 216 million yen in box office revenue over 3 days of the weekend. The cumulative results are 9,638,000 tickets sold and box office revenue of 12.8 billion yen.


“One Piece Film: Red”, which has been a long-running hit since its release in August last year, attracted 155,000 people during the weekend and generated 214 million yen in box office revenue, jumping up 9 spots from last week and ranked in 3rd place. The cumulative results so far have exceeded 14 million tickets sold and box office revenue of 19.3 billion yen.


“Ichikei’s Crow”, from the Fuji TV drama series Ichikei’s Crow: The Criminal Court Judges, debuted at 3rd place last week, ranked 4th this week with 132,000 tickets sold and 174 million yen at the box office over the weekend.


New entry on the list in 10th place is “Aikatsu! 10th Story: Starway to the Future” from the popular anime Aikatsu. The movie version commemorated the 10th anniversary of the series as an added story to the show “Aikatsu Planet!” released in 2021.


Japan Box Office Ranking Top 10 (January 20th to 22nd)


2 Suzume no Tojimari (week 11) (-)

3 One Piece Film: Red (week 25) (+9)

4 Ichikei’s Crow (week 2) (-3)

5 Avatar: The Way of Water (week 6) (-4)

6 Fragments of the Last Will (week 7) (+7)

7 Detective Conan: Haibara Ai Monogatari – Kurogane no Mystery Train (week 3) (-5)

8 Lonely Castle in the Mirror (week 5) (-)

9 Dr. Koto Shinryojo 2022 (week 6) (-6)

10 Aikatsu! 10th Story: Starway to the Future (week 1) (NEW)


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