Japan Weekend Box Office 02/16 – 02/18. “Haikyuu!! Battle of The Garbage Dump” delivers biggest debut for a 2024 release in Japan

The weekend box office data for the days of February 16 to February 18 welcomed a new number one and a new edition to the popular volleyball manga and anime series, “Haikyuu!! Battle of The Garbage Dump.” The film is a follow up from the fourth season of the anime and sets the stage for the series finale. “Battle of the Garbage Dump” attracted 1.52 million moviegoers and generated 2.23 billion yen in box office revenue, making it the biggest debut weekend for a 2024 release. It also is now the fourth highest-grossing opening day release in Japan’s box office history. Other newly released films that debuted within the top 10 include Hollywood horror comedy film “Beau Is Afraid.”

In 2nd place and bumped down one rank from the previous week, “Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom” attracted 160,000 moviegoers and box office revenue of 318 million yen over the weekend, bringing the cumulative results to 1.86 million moviegoers and 3.1 billion yen in revenue. In 3rd place, “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba -To the Hashira Training” attracted 100,000 moviegoers over the weekend and grossed 145 million yen. The cumulative results have now exceeded 1.03 million moviegoers and box office revenue of 1.4 billion yen. In 4th place “Golden Kamuy” attracted 86,000 moviegoers and a box office revenue of 1.38 billion yen. The cumulative total is now 1.56 million moviegoers and a box office revenue of 2.3 billion yen.


Japan Box Office Ranking Top 10 (Feb 16 to Feb 18)

  1. Haikyuu!! Battle of The Garbage Dump (NEW)
  2. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Freedom (week 4) (↓ 1)
  3. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba -To the Hashira Training (week 3) (↓ 1)
  4. Golden Kamuy (week 5) (↓ 1)
  5. Beau Is Afraid (NEW)
  6. Migawari Chushingura (week 2) (↓ 1)
  7. SPY×FAMILY CODE: White (week 9) (–) (↓ 1)
  8. I Wish I Could Meet You Again on the Hill Where That Flower Blooms (week 11) (↑ 1)
  9. All the Long Nights (week 2) (↓ 5)
  10. Five Nights at Freddy’s (week 2) (↓ 3)


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