Japan Weekend Box Office 01/19 – 01/21. “Golden Kamuy” live action exceeds 530 million yen in first 3 days and debuts at number one

The weekend box office data for the days of January 19 to 21 saw a new number one with “Golden Kamuy” dethroning “SPY×FAMILY CODE: White”. Based on the popular manga by Satoru Noda, the live action “Golden Kamuy” film earned over 530 million yen in its first weekend and attracted more than 350,000 moviegoers. The story is set in Hokkaido and became such a huge hit over there during the weekend that the data showed four theaters in Hokkaido were ranked in the top 10 theaters nationwide for attracting moviegoers. 


Japan Box Office Ranking Top 10 (Jan 19 to Jan 21)

  1. Golden Kamuy (NEW)
  2. SPY×FAMILY CODE: White (week 5) (↓ 1)
  3. I Wish I Could Meet You Again on the Hill Where That Flower Blooms (week 7) (↑ 1)
  4. Wish (week 6) (↑ 1)
  5. Aru Tozasareta Yuki no Sanso de (week 2) (↓ 3)
  6. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (week 2) (↓ 3)
  7. Let’s Go Karaoke! (week 2) (↑ 1)
  8. Godzilla Minus One (week 12) (↓ 3)
  9. Kitarou Tanjou: GeGeGe no Nazo (week 10) (↓ 3)
  10. Detective Conan vs. Kid the Phantom Thief (week 3) (↓ 1)


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