Idol Group NARLOW Consisting of Former Members of BiS, LADYBABY, and NMB48 to Debut

NARLOW was started as a project by Yaneura Studio to create high-quality artists and idols. The project was announced on January 28, 2023, with Pan Luna Leafy (former BiS) as the one in charge. In February,  Ikeda Nana (former LADYBABY) was revealed to have joined. Ultimately the auditions for the group “ANCHOR PRODUCE Next Generation IDOL UNIT AUDITON” had over 2500 candidates and in the end there were 7 members selected. Out of the ones selected, the 4 members who already have idol experience are Pan Luna Leafy and HANAKO (former BiS), Ikeda Nana (former LADYBABY), and Kawano Nanaho (former NMB48). The group name, NARLOW, has the meaning of a reincarnation story of members who have experience as idols.


NARLOW will make their stage debut at ANCHOR’s music festival “ANFES” to be held on June 3rd at KT Zepp Yokohama.


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