Holo*27 To Release 2 Albums Simultaneously; Full Details Announced

holo*27, a new joint project between Hololive and Deco*27, announced earlier this month they would be releasing two albums simultaneously in 2023. Check out the details and pre-order links below!

  • holo*27「holo*27 Originals Vol.1」

    1. Lipsync
    2. Sweet Appetite
    3. Hill
    4. P.E.T.
    5. Bibibi
    6. Moshless
    7. Bouran
    8. Baby Don’t Stop
    9. End Roll
    10. Planetarium
  • holo*27「holo*27 Covers Vol.1」
    1. Vampire
    2. Cinderella
    3. Animal
    4. Zombie
    5. Otome Dissection
    6. Mosaic Roll (Reloaded)
    7. Ghost Rule
    8. Hibana (Reloaded)
    9. Mousou Kanshou Daishou Renmei
    10. Love Words IV

All versions come with a special bonus, with a complete holo*27 set available for sale as well.


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