Hit Drama Hoshi Furu Yoru ni Crosses 10 million Views On Streaming


Yuriko Yoshitaka and Takumi Kitamura star in the currently airing TV Asahi drama “Hoshifuru Yoru ni” written by master of romantic dramas, Shizuka Oishi. The plot follows Suzu Yukimiya (played by Yoshitaka) a 35 year old gynecologist who works at a hospital in a tranquil seaside town. Although she constantly brings new lives into the world, she can’t escape a feeling that something is missing in her own life. Studying to become a doctor has cost her many of her friends and she has since then been unable to form new connections. One day she meets Issei (played by Kitamura) who is 10 years her junior, but allows Suzu to set her heart free. 



Currently, the total number of rebroadcast viewer counts from episodes 1 to 4 have exceeded 10 million at lightning speed. Viewers can’t get enough of this sweet pairing! 


(Spoiler Alert!!) After episode 4 aired, netizens commented: 

“The confession scene was too good. I was drawn in by Issei’s expression at the end”

“No.1 kiss scene in the last few years”

“Too beautiful from any angle… I fainted at the kiss scene”


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