Fujii Kaze and Hitsuji Bungaku Win “The 15th CD Shop Awards 2023”

Fujii Kaze and Hitsuji Bungaku have been announced as the Grand Prize winners of “The 15th CD Shop Awards 2023.” Fujii Kaze won the Red Grand Prize award for his album “LOVE ALL SERVE ALL”, while Hitsuji Bungaku won the Blue Grand Prize for their album “our hope.” Check out the full list of winners below!


Grand Prize


  • Fujii Kaze – LOVE ALL SERVE ALL

LOVE ALL SERVE ALL by Fujii Kaze on Apple Music



  • Hitsuji Bungaku – our hope

our hope by Hitsujibungaku on Apple Music

Red Award

Aimyon – Hitomi e Ochiru yo Record

‎Falling into your eyes Record by Aimyon on Apple Music



Adoの「ウタの歌 ONE PIECE FILM RED」をApple Musicで


Ado – Kyogen

Adoの「狂言」をApple Musicで


Utada Hikaru – BAD Mode

BAD MODE by Hikaru Utada on Apple Music


ELLEGARDEN – The End of Yesterday

The End of Yesterday by Ellegarden on Apple Music


Oda Kazumasa – early summer 2022

小田 和正の「early summer 2022」をApple Musicで


Original Love – MUSIC, DANCE & LOVE

Original Loveの「MUSIC, DANCE & LOVE」をApple Musicで


Creepy Nuts – Ensemble Play

Ensemble Play by Creepy Nuts on Apple Music


Sakamoto Shintaro – Monogatari no You ni

坂本慎太郎の「物語のように」をApple Musicで



Tokyo by SUPER BEAVER on Apple Music


Nishina – 1999

にしなの「1999」をApple Musicで


Mrs. GREEN APPLE – Unity

Unity - EP by Mrs. Green Apple on Apple Music


Yamashita Tatsuro – SOFTLY

山下達郎、11年ぶりのオリジナル・アルバム「SOFTLY」のジャケットを「テルマエ・ロマエ」などのヤマザキマリが担当 | Qetic


Yuuri – Ichi

優里の「壱」をApple Musicで

Blue Award

ego apartment – EGO APARTMENT

ego apartmentの「EGO APARTMENT」をApple Musicで



Kroi – telegraph

Telegraph by Kroi on Apple Music


Hockrockb – Pencil Rocket

黒子首の「ペンシルロケット」をApple Musicで

Saucy Dog – Sunny Bottle

‎Sunny Bottle by Saucy Dog on Apple Music


Chilli Beans. – Chilli Beans.

Chilli Beans. by Chilli Beans. on Apple Music


Deep Sea Diving Club – Let’s Go! DSDC!

Let's Go! DSDC! by Deep Sea Diving Club on Apple Music



BE:1 by BE:FIRST on Apple Music


Marcy – Memory

‎Memory by Marcy on Apple Music


Wanuka – Aonisai

和ぬかの「青二才」をApple Musicで

Special Award


Adoの「ウタの歌 ONE PIECE FILM RED」をApple Musicで

Category Award

Western Music Award

  • Harry Styles – Harry’s House


Harry's House by Harry Styles on Apple Music


Classical Award

  • Nakata Keiko – Pray with Bach

CDショップ大賞 実行委員会 (@cdshop_taisho) / Twitter


Jazz Award

Yamanaka Chihiro – Today Is Another Day

‎山中千尋の「Today Is Another Day」をApple Musicで


Kayokyoku Award

  • Niihama Leon – Jealousy ~Unmei ni Kiss wo Shiyou~


Live Award

  • Spitz – Spitz Concert 2020 “Nekochigura no Yube”

スピッツ コンサート 2020 “猫ちぐらの夕べ” [初回限定盤][Blu-ray][+CD] - スピッツ - UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN


Package Design Award

  • Fujii Takashi – Music Restaurant Royal Host

藤井隆の「Music Restaurant Royal Host」をApple Musicで

Regional Award

Hokkaido Block Award
・Furui Riho – Green Light

‎Green Light by Furui Riho on Apple Music


Tohoku Block Award
・Chichibu Eri – Crossing Reality

秩父英里の「Crossing Reality」をApple Musicで


Kanto Block Award
・Salasa – Inner Ocean

さらさの「Inner Ocean」をApple Musicで


Koshinetsu Block Award
・Kaya – Bouquet

Bouquet on Spotify


Tokai Block Award
・Neguse. – Wonderland ni Aijo wo!

ワンダーランドに愛情を! on Spotify


Hokuriku Block Award
・Pump Lum – tokeru

the U - song and lyrics by プランプラム | Spotify


Kansai Block Award
・w.o.d. – Kanjou

‎w.o.d.の「感情」をApple Musicで


Chugoku Block Award
・bokula. – Seikatsu ni, Yorisoi.

bokula.の「生活に、寄り添い. - EP」をApple Musicで


Shikoku Block Award
・Bialystocks – Quicksand

Quicksand on Spotify


Kyushu Block Award
・Deep Sea Diving Club – Let’s Go! DSDC!

Let's Go! DSDC! by Deep Sea Diving Club on Apple Music



Okinawa Block Award
・Uchina Jazz All Stars – Uchina Jazz Goes On

ウチナー・ジャズ・オール・スターズの「ウチナー・ジャズ・ゴーズ・オン」をApple Musicで



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