Trailer and Teaser Visual for Upcoming Horror-Mystery Film “Sweet My Home” Starring Masataka Kubota Now Available

The trailer and teaser visual for new horror-mystery film “Sweet My Home” directed by Takumi Saito and starring Masataka Kubota have now been released. “Sweet My Home” is scheduled to be released in Japan in September.

Based on the 2019 novel of the same name by Rinko Kamizu, the film follows a sports instructor named Kenji Kiyosawa who becomes fascinated by a house that is able to warm the entire inside of a home with only one air conditioner unit and decides to build a similar house for his wife and 2 daughters. Soon after the family moves into their new home, strange phenomenons start to take place.

The trailer shows terrifying scenes of a suspicious shadow creeping into the house, Kenji looking into the camera with a grim expression, a corpse in the forest, and a girl covering her eyes.




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