Former SDN48 Member Seara Kojo Reveals Multiple Family Health Scares in Recent Days

Former member of now disbanded AKB48 sister group SDN48, Seara Kojo (35), who now works as a blogger, updated her blog on February 6th to report that for the past two days, her family members have suddenly had a deterioration in their health and were rushed to the hospital.


Kojo, who married a non-celebrity man, gave birth to her eldest daughter in September 2020 and her son on August 21, 2021. Regarding her son, she revealed during pregnancy the NT scan revealed that he had 50% Down’s Syndrome.


On the 5th, she made a post titled “Another Commotion With the Ambulance in the Middle of the Night.” She said that during the night, her daughter started exhibiting symptoms of croup and began coughing. Kojo was surprised because her daughter had no symptoms of the usual cold such as a runny nose, and she had eaten her dinner and was in a good mood before bedtime. She nervously tried to prepare the inhaler, but noticed her daughter’s breathing was becoming sluggish and resorted to calling an ambulance. 


In a blog post from today she wrote “Actually, my husband collapsed last night and was unconscious. I called an ambulance right away and he was transported. He is now hospitalized but the doctors have not been able to determine any diseases yet, so I’m worried and nervous.” 


After coming home at 3:30 in the morning with her daughter the night before and now her husband being hospitalized, Kojo wrote “What is going on with my family’s health this year?” 



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