Former Morning Musume Member Sato Masaki Announces Debut Single Ding Dong/Romantic Nante Gara Jyanai

On the 16th, former Morning Musume member Sato Masaki announced that she would be releasing her debut single, Ding Dong / Romantic Nante Gara Jya Nai, on March 29th.

Ding Dong was written by famous musician Maeyamada Kenichi, who is also known as Hyadain. The sound of the track is meant to be reminiscent of nu-disco esque, referencing heavily music from the 1970s and 80s. Hyadain commented that he had hoped the song would be the most aggressive, mature and bewitching version of herself that Sato has presented to the public thus far. On the other hand, Romantic was written by composer duo zopp and Shusui, who are responsible for some of the biggest Japanese idol songs in history such as Seishun Amigo.

There will be seven formats for the single: first press versions of A & B (CD & BD) as well as SP (only CD) with regular versions A・B・C・D (all CD only). The BD for A will have the dance edit Ding Dong making-of, with B containing the making-of video for Romantic.

Source: Oricon


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