Episode 2 of INI’s Documentary Series “1ST ARENA LIVE TOUR BREAK THE CODE” Now Available

The 2nd episode of boygroup INI’s documentary series of their first arena tour “2022 INI 1ST ARENA LIVE TOUR BREAK THE CODE”  has been released on YouTube. This time the footage shows the behind the scenes of the show that took place in Osaka Castle Hall in December 2022. The episode includes rehearsals, interviews, and puts an emphasis on the 3 members from Osaka: Takumi Ozaki, Takeru Goto, and Yudai Sano.

A Blu-ray and DVD containing footage of INI’s arena tour is scheduled to be released on April 19th.

Subtitles for the documentary episodes on YouTube are available in English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified+Traditional), Indonesian, Korean, and Thai.



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