BTS Becomes the First Artist In Oricon History to Cross the 3 Million Mark for Oricon’s Combined Singles Chart

In a historic first, K-pop group BTS became the first artist in Oricon history to cross the three million threshold for the combined single chart, which creates a point system using a weighted combination of physical and digital sales as well as streaming. The previous top contender for the record was YOASOBI with Yoru ni Kakeru, which currently has an impressive 2.8 million point total.

Within Japan, the single Butter crossed the 400 million replay threshold as of July 2022, and held the top ranking in the Oricon Weekly Streaming Chart for 12 weeks from May 31st to August 16th in 2021.

The single Permission to Dance also similarly went through a major surge, holding the top ranking for eight weeks starting July 26th 2021, and passed 300 million views as of August 2022. The strong popularity of both songs meant both crossed the three million point threshold for the combined singles ranking for Oricon, meaning that of the top 3 songs to chart all time since Oricon created the ranking BTS holds both first (for Butter and Permission to Dance) and third (for their song Dynamite).

Source: Oricon


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