BE:FIRST get sentimental in the music video for new single, ‘Smile Again’

Boy group BE:FIRST have unveiled the music video for their third single “Smile Again” which will officially be released on April 26th. “Smile Again” is the groups first title track that is a love song and is currently being used as ANESSA’s “Free to Shine” global campaign song. The music video includes dance scenes and solo shots in a wide variety of sets with backgrounds referencing the sun, starry skies, deserts and water. In order to depict the images of sadness and nostalgia expressed by the seven members, the stage design, camera work, and lighting were tailored to each of them. There are also scenes of members Junon and Shunto at the airport which is said to be a continuation of the story from the last scene of the music video for “Message” that was included in the group’s 1st album “BE:1.”

The music video for “Smile Again” was directed by Kensaku Kakimoto, who also worked on BE:FIRST’s music videos for “Scream” and “Boom Boom Back,” and the art direction was handled by Takayuki Mitsuizumi.



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