Akanishi Jin Releases Details On Upcoming New Album

Akanishi Jin has announced that he will release his new original studio album, YELLOW NOTE, this December 20th. This will be his first album release in 4 years.

There will be 12 tracks on the full release as well as special bonuses to be included with the various formats.

Album track list:

  • Can I
  • I’m the One
  • High Life
  • Roll With Me
  • Back to Me
  • Let it Go
  • Dame un Beso
  • Sunshine
  • Luv4u
  • Me
  • Look at You
  • Get Close
  • Supermodel

Special Blu-ray

  • Special live version
    • JIN AKANISHI Christmas Live 2022
    • Tokyo Garden City December 2022 Live
    • Making of JIN AKANISHI Christmas Live 2022
  • First press version
    • Can I Music Video
    • Behind the scenes

Source: Natalie


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