Ado Collaborates with LE SSERAFIM for Their New Japanese Single

On August 23, LE SSERAFIM will release their second Japanese single, “UNFORGIVEN.” The original Korean version of the song features Nile Rodgers, but for Japan, another guest has been added: Ado.

On working with Ado, LE SSERAFIM said that she powerfully expresses the message of the song, which is walking on your own path while ignoring the rules of the world. On working with LE SSERAFIM, Ado said that she couldn’t be happier about working with the group since she is a fan of theirs.

As part of the collaboration, ORIHARA, Ado’s image director, created an image of Ado and LE SSERAFIM.

The song will be released digitally on August 8, ahead of the physical release.



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