“73rd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen” Sees a Ratings Increase

The ratings for the “73rd NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen” are in, and they are better!

In the Kanto region, the second half of the show had a rating of 35.3%. This is one point higher than last year, which was the worst rating in the show’s history. This makes this year’s show the second worst rated ever.

In the Kansai region, the show’s second half had a rating of 36.7%, up from last year’s 35%.

For the first half, the show’s Kanto region rating was 31.2% (down .3%), while in the Kansai region it was 30.2% (down .9%).

In addition, the five most watched performances were:

1. Uta – Shin Jidai

2. Miyama Hiroshi – Yume Oibito ~Dai 6kai Kendama Sekai Kiroku e no Michi~

3. Snow Man – Brother Beat ~Kohaku Minna de Sheeh! SP~


5. SixTONES – Good Luck!

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