≠ME, Saba Sister, and More Perform on “Buzz Rhythm 02” for January 5

This week’s performers were Brandy Senki, Saba Sister, ≠ME, and TomboCoop. There was also a talk segment between the show’s hosts and Kanazawa Miho. They went over a list of the acts that a group of over 300 music industry professionals chose as the ones to look out for in 2024. MUSICA Editor-in-Chief Ariizumi Tomoko also provide commentary. The list can be seen below!

Brandy Senki – Musica

Saba Sister – Jersey

≠ME – Anti Confiture

TomboCoop – Kaze on Usawa


Watch here


“Kotoshi Kore ga Buzz! BEST 10”:

  1. Saba Sister
  2. Brandy Senki
  3. Kepura
  4. TOMOO
  5. shy taupe
  6. Rikon Densetsu
  7. Conton Candy
  8. Aburi na Town
  10. XG


Next week:

Kitani Tatsuya


-Shintenchi Kaibyaku Shudan- Zigzag

Momosu Momosu


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