YUKI to Release New Album to Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Her Solo Debut

YUKI is currently celebrating the 20th anniversary of her solo debut post-JUDY AND MARY. As part of this celebration, she will release her 11th album, “Parade ga Tsuzuku Nara”, on February 1.

The album will be half old and half new, with six of the album’s 12 songs coming from her two singles from last year, “Free & Easy” and “Bump & Grind.”

“Parade ga Tsuzuku Nara” will be release in a 2CD limited edition and a CD only regular edition. The second CD of the limited edition will include footage from YUKI’s concert in Sapporo last September as part of her“SOUNDS OF TWENTY” tour.

Limited Edition

Regular Edition


1.パレードが続くなら (Parade ga Tsuzuku Nara)

2.タイムカプセル (Time Capsule)

3.My Vision

4.ハンサムなピルエット (Handsome na Pirouette)

5.Wild Life

6.Oh! ベンガル・ガール (Oh! Bengal Girl)

7.私の瞳は黒い色 (Watashi no Hitomi wa Kuroi Iro)

8.どんどん君を好きになる (Dondon Kimi wo suki ni Naru)


10.It’s 盟友 (It’s Meiyuu)


12.鳴り響く限り (Narihibiku Kagiri)


Limited Edition CD2

YUKI concert tour “SOUNDS OF TWENTY” 2022 9月19日 札幌・カナモトホール (YUKI concert tour “SOUNDS OF TWENTY” 2022 September 19 Sapporo Kanamoto Hall)

1.呪い (Noroi)

2.パレードが続くなら (Parade ga Tsuzuku Nara)

3.愛に生きて (Ai ni Ikite)

4.ティンカーベル (Tinker Bell)

5.舞い上がれ (Maiagare)

6.ヘイ! ユー! (Hey! You!)

7.ワンダーライン (Wonderline)


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