Yamada Nao and HiHi Jets Hashimoto Ryo Co-Star In Upcoming Drama Maybe Koi ga Kikoeru

TBS will air starting from October 16th the drama Maybe Koi ga Kikoeru, which will co-star actress Yamada Nao and HiHi Jets member Hashimoto Ryo.

=LOVE member Sasaki Maika will be a part of the cast as the main love rival of the heroine, with Kurosawa Tomoyo and Morikawa Toshiyuki joining the supporting cast.

This will be the first time Yamada will lead a show. She got her start with the TBS reality TV show Watashi ga Joyu ni Naru Hi__ season 3, where she was the finalist among 7,000 applicants. This drama role is the primary reward for winning the TV show, and producer Akimoto Yasushi is responsible for writing and producing the drama. The semi-finalists of the reality TV series will also make an appearance.


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