XG amazed fans at the Head In The Clouds festival in Los Angeles

Image: Courtesy of XGALX

XG performed on Sunday (August 6) on the main stage of the Head In The Clouds in Los Angeles, the biggest festival among those organized by 88rising. The event was at the Rose Bowl, and the girl group filled the stadium with its electrifying energy and thunderous performance.

The Head In The Clouds festival started in 2018 and has held performances in major global cities like New York, Jakarta, Manila, and Guangzhou. In the most recent edition, XG shared the stage with other superstars such as YOASOBI, JACKSON WANG, ZEDD, RINA SAWAYAMA, and NIKI.

The members went to the festival in character, with cowboy hats and unique costumes inspired by the city. The septet surprised the audience by entering the stage by coming from behind the LED panels. Everybody could sing in unison the hits’ LEFT RIGHT’ and ‘SHOOTING STAR.’ To close this historical moment with a blast, the members performed their most recent single, ‘TGIF,’ released on August 4, and ‘GRL GVNG.’ Both songs will be part of the first mini-album, ‘NEW DNA.’

On August 8, the Japanese girl group released a dance collab with Lilas Ikuta, a member of YOASOBI. Recorded during the Head in the Clouds in LA and posted on TikTok, Jurin, Chisa, Cocona, and Lilas danced to the electrifying choreography of ‘TGIF.’

The group’s schedule is still busy: the septet will also perform at the KCON LA at the end of the month and return to Japan for the “TGC 2023 A/W” for a single performance on September 2 at Saitama Super Star Arena. In the same month, the group will perform at the “88 DEGREES & RISING IN JAKARTA” on the 9th and at the “F1 Singapore Fest” on the 15. And on November 11, the group will share the stage with other stars at “Hyperound” in Abu Dhabi.

The septet continues its journey travelling worldwide with performances in prominent national and international festivals, delivering great surprises of the ‘NEW DNA’ era, reaffirming the innovation and differentiation that XG represents in pop music. Fans can expect the release of the first mini-album ‘NEW DNA’ on CD BOX/DIGITAL formats on September 27.

Head In The Clouds Los Angeles XG Setlist

  5. TGIF

TGIF Streaming/Download


XG 1st Mini-Album “NEW DNA”
2023.09.27 (Wednesday)

XG’s newest mini-album incorporates the septet’s declaration as a new lineage without limits and barriers. With graphic artwork representing cell divisions, it features the album’s six songs, which signify the group’s evolution. “NEW DNA” is a visual and sonic manifesto that showcases the heart of XG’s artistic journey.


  2. X-GENE
  4. TGIF

XG 1st Mini Album’ NEW DNA’ Special Site

CD BOX Pre-order


XG, an abbreviation for “Xtraordinary Girls,” is a seven-member girl group inspired by Hip Hop and R&B. It consists of JURIN, CHISA, HARVEY, HINATA, JURIA, MAYA, and COCONA.

On March 18, 2022, they became the first artists to debut under the XGALX label with the single ‘Tippy Toes.’ XGALX is an entertainment label with boldness as its DNA and produces unique talents and artists. XG aims to empower young people worldwide with innovative songs and performances regardless of their life paths. In June 2022, XG released the hit ‘MASCARA’ and, in January 2022, ‘SHOOTING STAR.’


XGALX is a global entertainment company that aims to produce artists with a view of a bold creative culture. With energy, high-quality performances, and Generation Z women’s teamwork, the company wishes to convey positive messages of self-assertion, focus, and perseverance.

“Focus on your dreams, and don’t stop until you make them come true.”

A new lineage – Breaking barriers

A new lineage that breaks barriers is a project that aims to break conventions and stereotypes, create new values through creativity, and encourage fans worldwide to “follow their hearts, chase their dreams, have the strength to make them true, and go all the way until the end.”

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