WANIMA Announces Departure from PIZZA OF DEATH, Group to Set Up Own Agency

The band WANIMA has announced that they will be parting ways with their record label, PIZZA OF DEATH, with whom they signed over 9 years ago this coming October 31st. The upcoming album to be released this October 11th, Catch Up, will be their final album with the record label. They will also set up a new agency called Crisp Junk, to be managed by the members of the group themselves.

The group started with PIZZA OF DEATH in 2014 with their first mini album release, Can Not Behaved!!. Their major claim to fame was in 2017 when they appeared on NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

The music video for their first song from the final album with the record label will come out this October 11th prior to the full release of the album across all streaming platforms. They will also be holding a national tour from November of this year to February of next year.


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