Uchida Aya To Release First Album in Four Years Titled MUSIC

Uchida Aya, the seiyuu most known for her role as Minami Kotori from the series Love Live! School Idol Project, has announced that she would release her first album in over four years titled MUSIC.

The album will include 11 tracks, four of which were newly made for this album. The other 7 will include Preview, which was the opening theme song for the anime The Aristocrat’s Otherworldly Adventure: Serving Gods Who Go Too Far. The limited edition first press version will include a Blu-ray disc that features the various MVs, lyric videos and making-of for the work.

In addition, the album will include a serial code that can be used to apply for tickets to her upcoming solo show. Held on the anniversary of her debut, the setlist include songs voted on by fans. Fans can vote for both the songs which they like best out of all of her releases as well as the songs that turned them into fans of the artist. All the votes can be done on her website here.

Further details can be found on her website: https://aya-uchida.net/contents/671373


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