September 25, 2023

Snow Man’s Hikaru Iwamoto Starts 2023 with a New Tarzan Cover


Snow Man member Hikaru Iwamoto is the cover boy for the 848th issue of Tarzan, out January 4.

Since first appearing in Tarzan in 2018, the progess of Hikaru’s body training has been documented in the magazine, to the point that he has become “Mr. Tarzan.” On the cover of this issue, he appears in traditional Japanese dress.

This being the first issue of 2023, it has the theme of “Annual Training Plan.” Given this theme, the magazine interviewed Hikaru on what he would like to hone in the new year, the year that he turns 30. In the accompanying shoot, he changes out of his kimono and into workout clothes to show readers exercise techinques.

Check out Hikaru’s full cover below!

「Tarzan」848号表紙 (c)マガジンハウス


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