Snow Man Sakuma Daisuke no Matte, Muri, Shindoi… will be hosting its first ever public recording

The radio program Snow Man Sakuma Daisuke no Matte, Muri, Shindoi… (abbreviated as Matte Muri) will be holding its first recording with a live audience, to be split into two parts.

The broadcast started last year in April of 2022. Since the beginning, Sakuma aimed to become large enough to hold a recording with an actual audience, which he has finally achieved! The star was told in a surprise announcement on the 11th.

The recording will be held in two parts, with part one featuring guest Shimono Hiro, who has voiced characters in beloved series like My Hero AcademiaKimetsu no Yaiba, and One Piece. Applications to be part of the audience for Matte Muri will be accepted from the 11th to the 18th of February, with the actual recording done on April 1st and 8th.

Source: ModelPress


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