SixTONES Release MV for New Single “CREAK”

On August 30, SixTONES will release their new single, “CREAK.” The song serves as the theme song for the TV Asahi drama “Knockin’ On Locked Door”, which stars group member Hokuto Matsumura and Naniwa Danshi‘s Daigo Nishihata. “CREAK” is described as a dance song with a thrilling beat which features strings and a powerful chorus.

The “CREAK” single will features solo songs from each member of SixTONES. Hokuto’s song “Glass Hana” is produced by AiNA THE END, while Jesse‘s “Never Ending Love” is produced by Tsuyoshi Domoto of KinKi Kids. Yugo Kochi‘s solo “MUSIC IN ME” is a rap song, per his request. Shintaro Morimoto‘s solo song “Love is…” is produced by Hirai Dai. Taiga Kyomoto‘s rock song “We can’t go back” was created by him using demos he’s accumulated. Juri Tanaka‘s rap song “Sorry” was also created by him, and features a classic R&B sound.

Ahead of the release of “CREAK”, SixTONES has released the song’s music video. Check it out below!

Limited Edition A

CREAK | SixTONES(ストーンズ) Official web site

2. ガラス花  (松村北斗ソロ) (Glass Hana (Hokuto Matsumura solo))
3. MUSIC IN ME (高地優吾ソロ) (MUSIC IN ME (Yugo Kochi solo))
4. Never Ending Love (ジェシーソロ) (Never Ending Love (Jesse solo))

・CREAK -Music Video-
・CREAK -Music Video Making-
・CREAK -Music Video Solo Movie-


Limited Edition B

CREAK | SixTONES(ストーンズ) Official web site

2. We can’t go back (京本大我ソロ) (We can’t go back (Taiga Kyomoto solo))
3. Love is… (森本慎太郎ソロ) (Love is… (Shintaro Morimoto solo))
4. Sorry (田中樹ソロ) (Sorry (Juri Tanaka solo))

・Documentary of SixTONES Solo Project


Regular Edition

CREAK | SixTONES(ストーンズ) Official web site

2. Eye to Eye
4. こっから -Old School Breakin’ Remix- (Kokkara -Old School Breakin’ Remix-)
5. CREAK -Instrumental-

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