SixTONES Goes Back to School in “Anthem” MV

On January 10, SixTONES will release their fourth album, “THE VIBES.”

The album will contain the singles “ABARERO”, “Kokkara”, and “CREAK.” Across all three of its versions, “THE VIBES” will feature 20 songs in total.

Today, SixTONES released the music video for “Anthem”, album’s promo single. The music video features the group in a school setting. Check it out below, along with more information on their new album!

Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Regular Edition

・こっから (Kokkara)
・Drive -THE VIBES ver.-
・Bang Bang Bangin’
・Blue Days
・House of Cards
・Only Holy
・Seize The Day
・Something from Nothing
・アンセム (Anthem)
・希望の唄 (Kibou no Uta)
・君がいない (Kimi ga Inai)
・スーパーボーイ (Super Boy)

Limited Edition A Blu-ray / DVD
・アンセム -Music Video- (Anthem -Music Video)
・アンセム -Music Video Making- (Anthem -Music Video Making-)
・アンセム -Music Video Solo Movie- (Anthem -Music Video Solo Movie)
・ABARERO -Dance Performance Only ver.-
・こっから -Dance Performance Only ver.- (Kokkara -Dance Performance Only ver.-)
・CREAK -Dance Performance Only ver.-

Limited Edition B Blu-ray / DVD
3 Unit Song Music Videos


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