Ryoko Hirosue and Shusaku Toba Admit to Affair Rumors After Previously Denying

Last week it was reported by Shukan Bunshun that actress Ryoko Hirosue was having an affair with 1-star Michelin French restaurant owner Shusaku Toba. The two were allegedly spotted meeting on multiple occasions and when directly asked about the affair, both adamantly denied it. Today (June 14) Ryoko Hirosue updated her official Instagram with an apology for the affair. At the same time her agency Flamme announced that Hirosue’s activities would be indefinitely suspended and apologized to everyone who has been affected.


 In the letter Hirosue said, “On this occasion, I, Ryoko Hirosue, have caused many people trouble and concern due to my careless behavior. I deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart. As you can see, the relationship with Toba is as described in the article. I am more than sorry for causing sadness and pain to Toba’s family. I bowed to them and directly apologized. They understood and accepted me as an immature mother. I would also like to take this opportunity to apologize for disappointing all of my precious fans who have supported me until now due to this incident. I am truly sorry. I would like to think about my life from now on, keeping in mind the fact that I have spoiled the actress career that I built, and the sin of hurting Toba’s family.”


Josei Seven reported that Hirosue withdrew from a movie that was scheduled to be released next year and was already thinking about retiring from the entertainment world and getting married to Toba. 


According to Hirosue’s acquaintance who spoke to Josei Seven, Hirosue’s husband Jun Izutsu had been suspecting the affair since before the news came out, and the couple’s relationship of trust was collapsing. Meanwhile an acquaintance of Toba claims that Toba had been a huge fan of Hirosue and really wants to marry her. “It seems that Toba is preparing to divorce his wife by paying alimony and child support, and soon both sides will be seeing lawyers.” 


Toba had also posted a statement on his social media accounts apologizing for the situation. In his letter he said, “I have caused trouble for the world with my careless actions. Please allow me to apologize for the incident with Ryoko Hirosue, which was reported in some reports. I understand that this is an act that will cause trouble to many people, excluding Hirosue’s family, my own family, and everyone around me. I acted without a calm judgment.”


 He continued, “Everything is due to my weakness and immaturity as a person. I sincerely apologize to all the people who have been affected. I am truly sorry.” 





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