“PRODUCE 101 JAPAN THE GIRLS” Reveals Its Winning Group “ME:I”

“PRODUCE 101 JAPAN THE GIRLS” held its finale today at Aichi Sky Expo, which was broadcast live on TBS. During the finale, it was revealed that the winning group’s name is “ME:I“, and that it will consist of eleven members.

It was also revealed that ME:I will sign a deal to advertise for docomo, the show’s sponsor.

With the creation of the group, LAPONE will also be launching “LAPONE GIRLS PROJECT.”

Meet the members of ME:I below!

1.Kasahara Momona (1,116,716 votes)

笠原 桃奈 | 101練習生

2.Murakami Rinon (700,305 votes)

村上 璃杏 | 101練習生

3.Takami Ayane (686,868 votes)

高見 文寧 | 101練習生

4.Sakurai Miu (655,210 votes)

櫻井 美羽 | 101練習生

5.Yamamoto Suzu (631,708 votes)

山本 すず | 101練習生


6.Sasaki Kokona (593,913 votes)

佐々木 心菜 | 101練習生

7.Iida Shizuka (593,457 votes)

飯田 栞月 | 101練習生

8.Shimizu Keiko (591,650 votes)

清水 恵子 | 101練習生

9.Ishii Ran (588,173 votes)

石井 蘭 | 101練習生

10.Ebihara Tsuzumi (577,903 votes)

海老原 鼓 | 101練習生

11.Kato Kokoro (552,603 votes)

加藤 心 | 101練習生

The group’s social media accounts can he found here:






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