Perfume’s Nocchi, AI, Atarashii Gakko no Leaders, and More Join Shiina Ringo on New Album

On May 29, Shiina Ringo will release her new album, “Hojokai.”

On her previous album, 2019’s “Sandokushi”, Ringo got a taste of writing songs for male voices, collaborating with the likes of Miyamoto Hiroji, Tortoise Matsumoto, and Sakurai Atsushi of BUCK-TICK. This new album sees Ringo returning to one of her longtime efforts: writing songs for other female acts. “Hojokai” sees Ringo collaborating with “seven utahime”: Utada Hikaru, AI, Perfume‘s Nocchi (in the first solo appearance of a Perfume member), Charan Po Rantan‘s Momo, Daoko, Atarashii Gakko no Leaders, and Nakajima Ikkkyu of tricot and Genie High.

Ringo’s new album will also feature new versions of her previously released singles “Watashi wa Neko no Me”, “Saraba Junjo”, and “Ito wo Kashi”, as well as her recent single “Ningen Toshite.”

On May 27, the “seven utahime” songs will be released digitally. The following day, their music videos will be released. The music videos are now available and can be seen below, along with more information on Ringo’s new album!

Limited Edition


Regular Edition


1. ちりぬるを / 椎名林檎と中嶋イッキュウ(tricot,ジェニーハイ)(Chirinuru wo / Shiina Ringo to Nakajima Ikkyu (tricot, Genie High))
2. 私は猫の目 album ver. (Watashi wa Neko no Me album ver.)
3. 生者の行進 / 椎名林檎とAI (Seija no Koshin / Shiina Ringo to AI)
4. 人間として (Ningen Toshite)
5. 初KO勝ち / 椎名林檎とのっち(Perfume) (Hatsu KO Gachi / Shiina Ringo to Nocchi (Perfume))
6. 公然の秘密 album ver. (Kozen no Himitsu album ver.)
7. 浪漫と算盤 TYO album ver. / 椎名林檎と宇多田ヒカル (Roman to Soroban TYO album ver. / Shiina Ringo to Utada Hikaru)
8. 茫然も自失 (Bozen mo Jishitsu)
9. ドラ 1 独走 / 椎名林檎と新しい学校のリーダーズ (Dora 1 Dokuso / Shiina Ringo to Atarashii Gakko no Leaders)
10. さらば純情 album ver. (Saraba Junjo album ver.)
11. 余裕の凱旋 / 椎名林檎とDaoko (Yoyu no Gaisen / Shiina Ringo to Daoko)
12. いとをかし album ver. (Ito wo Kashi album ver.)
13. ほぼ水の泡 / 椎名林檎ともも(チャラン・ポ・ランタン) (Hobo Mizu no Awa / Shiina Ringo to Momo (Charan Po Rantan))


Chirinuru wo / Shiina Ringo to Nakajima Ikkyu (tricot, Genie High)

Seija no Koshin / Shiina Ringo to AI

Hatsu KO Gachi / Shiina Ringo to Nocchi (Perfume)

Dora 1 Dokuso / Shiina Ringo to Atarashii Gakko no Leaders

Yoyu no Gaisen / Shiina Ringo to Daoko

Hobo Mizu no Awa / Shiina Ringo to Momo (Charan Po Rantan)


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