King & Prince Talk 2022 and Their Upcoming NHK Kouhaku Performance at Rehearsal

Talking backstage after rehearsals for the upcoming NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen live, idol group King & Prince spoke about the words they thought represented their year and their thoughts about their last appearance as a 5 person group.

When it came to the performance itself, Hirano Sho mentioned being shocked that they would be allowed to perform the song ichiban, especially because the song was part of an album release. The other members also echoed this sentiment. Because they viewed this as an unexpected privilege, the members vowed to perform to the best of their ability this New Year’s Eve.

Moving to the topic of 2022, Jinguji Yuta interestingly picked the kanji for hair, talking about his recent discovery of a good eyebrow salon. Nagase Ren picked the kanji for dance, as he reminisced about the various places King & Prince had the privilege of performing at throughout the year.

Hirano chose the kanji for view, talking about the view from the stage as he performed throughout the year as well as his many different experiences throughout the year. Takahashi Kaito chose the kanji for diving/submerging, as he had recently picked up diving as a hobby and mentioned his nerves for the upcoming year end performance. Kishi Yuta chose the kanji for one hundred, in a reference to their recent million hit single (million is written as “hyaku man”, or 100 ten thousands), and wanting to deliver as great a performance as possible as thanks to their fans for helping them reach this achievement.

Source: Natalie


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