Kimura Takuya Reveals That Ayase Haruka Felt Like His Real-Life Wife While Filming The Legend & Butterfly


In the new movie “The Legend & Butterfly” in which Kimura Takuya plays the famous Nobunaga Oda, a military commander from the Sengoku period, he looked back on the filming where he felt a real marital bond with Ayase Haruka, who played the role of the lawful wife Nohime.

The movie “The Legend & Butterfly” was made to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the film and television production company Toei. This will be Kimura and Ayase’s fourth time co-starring together, but this is the first time for them to play the role of a married couple.


(C) 2023 “THE LEGEND & BUTTERFLY” Production Committee


In an interview Kimura said, “It’s the first time I’ve been casted as a married man, so when I tried to immerse myself in the role I felt that if she was my legal wife. I would feel a sense of security with her.”  Like many marriages from the past, Nobunaga and Nohime were brought together through a political marriage. It was a relationship of oil and water where they did not get along at all, but one day they embraced a common dream of unifying Japan and their bond began to deepen. However, halfway through their ambitious plan, Nohime fell ill. Despite Nobunaga’s care, viewers will witness Nohime getting weaker, while Nobunaga has to lead his soldiers to battle. Ayase Haruka revealed that she cried a lot while reading the script.


The movie “The Legend & Butterfly” will be released in theaters in Japan on January 27th.




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