Kanae to Release Single Tailwind November 29th

Nijisanji virtual YouTuber Kanae has announced that he will be releasing his second single, Tailwind, on November 29th of this year. Earlier it was announced that the title track would be the main opening song for the anime Overtake!, the first time Kanae had ever worked with an anime series. Former fhána member and famed Vocaloid producer and guitarist yuxuki waga, who has previously worked with Kanae on songs ANEMONE and Koe wo Kikasete, came back to do the sound production for this song as well.

The single will contain:

  1. Tailwind – lyrics by hotaru, composed and arranged by eba
  2. Always be here for you – written by Hoshi Ginnojo
  3. Tepid – lyrics by Yaginuma Kana, composed and arranged by yuxuki waga



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