Is Snow Man’s Variety Show Moving to Prime Time?

Tokyo Sports is reporting that Snow Man‘s TBS variety show, “Sore Snow Man ni Yarasete Kudasai”, is making a move from its Sunday afternoon 1 PM spot to one in prime time, Fridays at 8 PM to be exact. This information comes courtesy of officials at the TV station. The move of time is said to be a parting gift to the group from former Johnny & Associates vice president Hideaki Takizawa.

The show, called “Sore Suno” for short, was first aired online in April 2020 after the group’s history making debut. Each episode caused a flood of online traffic, with the show trending on Twitter. The show moved to TBS exactly a year later.

Tackey, Snow Man’s biggest cheerleader, pushed the group to appear on TV and in movies. He left the company in October last year.

“Thanks to Tackey’s time as vice president, the show has grown into one worthy of prime time,” said a TBS official. “It can be said that this is Tackey’s last gift.”

Until now, only the variety shows of SMAP, TOKIO, V6, and Arashi have aired in prime time. Snow Man, SixTONES, and King & Prince have not yet reached this point. If this move comes to fruition, Snow Man would be the first junior debuted group to accomplish this.

But it wasn’t just Tackey that caused this rumored move.

“It is standard for networks to move late night and daytime shows to prime time,” said a TV station official. “But, TBS is currently in a tough situation in regards to doing this with their current lineup. However, the viewership of “Sore Suno” is in the core family demographic, ages 4 to 49, that TBS values the most. It makes sense to move the show to prime time.”

On September 13 of last year, “Sore Suno” was tested in prime time with the 10 PM airing of a special episode. The episode went over well with viewers and TBS officials.

Takuya Kimura will appear on the January 8 episode of “Sore Suno.” “You can see the enthusiasm on the production side to bring Kimutaku onto the show,” said the previous TBS official.

“Nekkyo! 1/365 no Mania-san” is currently airing in the 8 PM Friday night spot on TBS. But for how much longer?

Source: Yahoo News


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