IMPACTors to Leave Johnny & Associates

Late last year, it was rumored that the Johnny’s Jr. group IMPACTors was set to leave the company. The rumor became a bit more truthful at the beginning of the year when Yoshihiko Inohara, the President of Johnny’s Island, said that the group spoke to him a few weeks earlier about leaving the company. Today, Johnny’s Island released a statement saying that IMPACTors will graduate from the company on May 25.

Inohara thanked the group for the excitement that they brought to the company and told them to take care of themselves and enjoy their live as they go to the next phase of their lives. He also urged fans to continue to support the members of the group.

IMPACTors apologized to fans for the sudden announcement, and also thanked them for their support. They also thanked Johnny & Associates for giving them the opportunity that they had. The group said that they will move forward so that they can continue to deliver happiness to their fans. They too asked fans to continue to support them as they go to the next phase of their lives.

Source: Johnny’s


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