Fumito Kawai to Leave A.B.C-Z

Johnny & Associates has announced on its website that A.B.C-Z member Fumito Kawai will leave the group on December 21. He will continue his career under Johnny & Associates, and the group will continue with four members.

Fumito, who is 35, wants to establish himself as a MC, and had previously set the goal of having a TV show where is was MC by the age of 40. He believes that in order to achieve this goal, he must dedicate more time to it, meaning he has to leave A.B.C-Z. After repeated discussions, with his groupmates, they respected his wishes and came to this conclusion.

“Once again, thank you very much for supporting the five members of A.B.C-Z so far,” Fumito’s statement read. “The five of us will be working together until December 21, so we will do our best to make it enjoyable for everyone.” He added, “We hope that you will continue to support A.B.C-Z and Fumito Kawai as they embark on a new path.”



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