Former Nogizaka46 Member Yamazaki Rena Announces Agency and FC Launch

Since her graduation from Nogizaka46 in July 2022, former member Yamazaki Rena has continued her career in entertainment. In fact, her track record has been quite impressive, featuring appearances in programs like the special broadcast for the 2023 NHK historical drama Dousuru Ieyasu on NHK BS Premium and the ABEMA Prime Year End SP broadcast.

Fans of the hardworking former idol were speculating as to which agency she would belong to, with many hoping that she would finally get the attention her hard effort has warranted. On February 14th as she broadcast her radio program, Yamazaki Rena no Dareka ni Hashitakatta Koto, she finally announced that she had joined a brand new agency as their very first talent.

In fact, the name of the agency – Mount Cape – is actually named after her, with “Mount” standing for the mountain in Yama, and “Cape” for the cape in Saki, which in her name is pronounced Zaki.

In addition, the former idol also announced the launch of her official fan club and website, delivering even more good news to expectant fans. Here is to hoping that the future is bright for Rena!

Source: Modelpress


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