EXILE ATSUSHI suspends activities due to possible carbon monoxide poisoning

It was announced that EXILE ATSUSHI will suspend activities due to poor health. ATSUSHI was said to feel unwell after having dinner with a colleague in mid-March and after receiving a detailed examination, it was determined that it was due to suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. Even now the symptoms have been continuing, so he has been recuperating under the guidance of a doctor to improve his physical condition. It was reported that there are signs of improvement but at the moment ATSUSHI is not ready for strenuous activities such as live performances and will need to focus on treatment for a while longer.


ATSUSHI was scheduled to hold a nationwide tour “EXILE ATSUSHI LIVE TOUR 2023 ‘Heart to Heart’ Season 2” starting on April 30th, but due to poor health the first 5 stops have been canceled, while the other dates have been postponed. The appearance at “#HIROSHIMA Mirai Baton” that will be held on May 4th at Edion Stadium Hiroshima in Hiroshima has also been canceled.


NanteJapan Team wishes ATSUSHI a speedy recovery!



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