B’z Koshi Inaba to Sing Theme Song for Fuji TV Drama “Anata ga Shitekurenakute mo”

Lead singer of the Japanese rock duo B’z Koshi Inaba will be singing the theme song of Fuji TV’s new drama “Anata ga Shitekurenakute mo.” The theme song “Stray Hearts” is a new song written specifically for the drama, and is said to capture the feelings of the characters and their wandering hearts. Other songs from the soundtrack will include Inaba’s cover of “Dance wa Umaku Odorenai” written by Yosui Inoue and originally released as Seri Ishikawa’s 6th single in 1977. 


Based on the manga of the same name, Eita Nagayama has been casted as Yoichi Yoshino and Nao as his wife Michi who is unsatisfied with their marriage. Takanori Iwata (EXILE, Sandaime J SOUL BROTHERS) will play the role of Makoto Niina and Minami Tanaka as his wife Kaede. The story follows the intricately entangled relationships between the two couples. Anata ga Shitekurenakute mo is scheduled to be broadcasted on April 13th.




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