Ayumi Hamasaki Performs on “NHK MUSIC SPECIAL Ayumi Hamasaki”

Today, Ayumi Hamasaki had her own NHK music special, “NHK MUSIC SPECIAL Ayumi Hamasaki.” She is currently celebrating her 25th anniversary. With over 50 million CDs sold, she is the best-selling Japanese female soloist of all time. This is her first long form TV interview in eight years. In this special, she discusses the conflicts and suffering behind her 25 years of glory. The show also goes behind the scenes on her tour of all 47 of Japan’s prefectures. Mao Asada and sociologist Furuichi Noritoshi, fans of Ayu, also appear to discuss her charm.

Ayumi Hamasaki – A Song for xx / Voyage / Dearest / evolution / SURREAL / Movin’ on without you / Nonfiction / Who…

Watch here


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