Anne Watanabe to Attend the 95th Academy Awards Ceremony

It has been announced that actress Anne Watanabe will attend the 95th Academy Awards ceremony to be held in Los Angeles, on March 12th. She appeared in the anthology film “Tell It Like a Woman”, which consists of 7 short stories all featuring female protagonists with the attached slogan of “empowering women through film, art, and media”. The theme song “Applause” has been nominated for the 95th Academy Award for Best Original Song. In the film, Anne appears in the part called “A Week In My Life”, directed by Mipo O who will also attend the award ceremony. “A Week In My Life”, depicts a week in the life of a mother of two children who is busy balancing her time between childcare and work. It has also been revealed that the movie will be released in Japan in the fall of 2023.



Regarding the work, Anne made the statement, “I believe that this project, in which teams from several countries gathered to create a story about women, contains a message not only for women, but also for those who are surrounded by women, in other words, all human beings. I am very honored to be able to participate in this movie with Director Mipo O and at the award ceremony! An official release in Japan has also been decided, please look forward to it.”




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